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Automotive industry

The coating options in the automotive sector are diverse.

We find decorative, scratch-resistant, and corrosion-preventing coatings on plastic, as well as on metal parts. Technical coatings such as the application of adhesion promoters (rubber-metal compounds) are required in the area of chassis parts and vibration absorbers. For example, for technical safety, adhesive jobs for brake pads, or hydrophobic coatings (lotus effect) are used on car windows.

All of these applications differ greatly in the implementation of technical coating options and thus in the final plant design.

Painting concepts for the automotive industry

Venjakob/Nutro has realized a multitude of coating concepts for the automotive and automotive supply industry. The range of parts of the coated workpieces is as diverse as the coating materials used.

Samples of automotive parts coated on Venjakob / Nutro systems:

  • Automotive interior and exterior parts
  • Wheels / hubcaps
  • Brakes
  • Windshields
  • Seals
  • Rotors
  • Suspension Parts
  • Body Parts
  • Housing / caps



Automotive interior

Automotive interiors and terms such as "day & night design" or the glossy "piano effect" are very distinguishable. Our coating concepts meet your requirements for the highest optical and haptic surface qualities. Likewise, the durable functional coatings convince. Working together with your paint supplier, we will work out optimal finishing solutions for you.

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Automotive exterior

Radiator grille, housing of exterior mirrors, car windows and more are part of the product range of our customers. Our finishing lines meet the demands placed on them reliably and convince by a high plant availability.

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Venjakob Maschinenbau

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All types of wheels or rims are coated in various ways, e.g. by rotary indexing table / robotics or spindle chain conveyor system.

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Nutro Inc

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Various automotive applications

Various car parts, whether plastic, rubber or metal, are coated on Venjakob/Nutro painting lines. For example, this includes airbags, engine covers, seals, brake discs, chassis parts, body parts and car windows.

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Nutro Inc

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Challenge us !

All from one source, fully automated and for highest demands on top quality surfaces. Discover more about automated application technology individually designed to your specific demands by Venjakob/Nutro. We will be pleased to answer your questions.

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