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Metal Industry

Would you like to apply functional or decorative coatings on metal or steel parts?

In the field of surface technology, Venjakob/Nutro, in cooperation with your paint manufacturer, develops tailor-made concepts on a technically high level - according to your requirements and ideas.

The best solution for the most uncommon tasks:

  • screws
  • wheels
  • housing
  • forgings
  • large sheets, plates
  • profile steel
  • pipes

Benefit from our decades of know-how in application technology and system engineering.We develop coating systems for almost all liquid material, taking into account environmental protection and energy efficiency.Venjakob/Nutro offers equipment tailored to your specifications, from a stand-alone solution to a complete finishing line, including cleaning, pre-treatment, drying and automation technology.

In the field of steel pipe and coupling coating, the Venjakob/Nutro portfolio also includes marking systems.


Effective degreasing and cleaning of the steel surface is essential before the coating process. Venjakob/Nutro offers various degreasing and cleaning systems for this purpose.

Corrosion protection or lubricious coatings are your topics?
Venjakob/Nutro offers you various solutions for functional coating.

Venjakob/Nutro systems also apply these to your metal workpieces as well as many other functional or decorative coatings. Tell our team your specifications, we will gladly work out a solution with you!



Tube / Pipes

Complete pipe coating lines including cleaning, marking, painting and drying.
Suitable for water-based, solvent and 100% UV coatings. Individual workpiece tracking by coding.

Gerd Mense
Venjakob Maschinenbau

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All types of wheels or rims are coated in various ways, e.g. by rotary indexing table / robotics or spindle chain conveyor system.

Scott Eyink
Nutro Inc

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plates / sheets / section steel

Water-based paint systems and flat coating lines are most frequently used in this application area. The coating is carried out in a continuous process whereby the material can be separated in advance, if desired.

Mark Rooney
Nutro Inc

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Beams / girders / profile steel

We also engineer finishing lines for steel beams and girders for applying corrosion protection. Our experienced team will develop a creative solution for you, according to your specific demands. Just contact us.

Mark Rooney
Nutro Inc

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Casing / housings

Engine, gearbox, fairing housings
Here, the handling of the housing plays a special role. Tailor-made automation is solved for you by Venjakob/Nutro: spindle chain conveyors, robotics, flatline coater.

Niko Stanislav
Nutro Inc

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