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Ceramic / sanitary fixtures

Would you like to apply functional coatings on ceramic and sanitary fixtures?

With the help of glazing, the structure of sanitary or tiled surfaces will be influenced in such a way that their properties change positively with regard to the cleaning effort. One positive effect of the glazing process is the significant lower cleaning effort. The second one is an environmental protective advantage, by the lower consumption of cleaning agents and water.

Many sanitary fixture, ceramic or glass manufacturers have taken the so-called lotus effect as a model and provided the surface of sanitary elements with special coatings: ceramic glazing. In these water-repellent coatings, the surface structure is set at the microscopic level with the smallest "hatlets" so that, e.g. form drops in a lotus flower, which can then drain. In this way, water, limescale and dirt particles flow off more easily.

Fully automated glazing lines individually engineered to your specific requirements

Fully automated glazing lines for sanitary ware have been a cornerstone of Nutro’s product line since its inception. Nutro’s sanitary ware glazing systems are available in models designed to fit various production needs and budgets, with a huge range of configurations and options that- in essence- make each line a custom system.

Nutro provides custom engineered solutions for ceramic glazing requirements worldwide. These systems range from high production sanitary ware and dinnerware glazing lines, to smaller systems designed for a broad array of technical ceramic parts.

Our high-performance system solutions are operating cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. The special designed reclaim system reduces significantly the loss over overspray material. A high efficiency water wash air scrubber helps to meet new air pollution control requirements. There are much more technical details which give you additional benefits.

Get in contact with us and tell us your requirements, we will give you a detailed consultation!



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